‘I am available’

For what in the face of the rising or upcoming future is needed or wants to come through in the here and now. 

The heart of my work is to awaken systemic intelligence and give it wings.

For people, for teams, for organizations, for groups involved in societal issues.

Awakening the Field – 2 day global online congress

March 27 & 28

15 years of organizational constellations, 10 years of constellations on societal issues, 

where are we heading now?

Movements of transformation – 6 days intensive

22 – 28 September 2021

Six day international intensive

What transforms naturally, can transform relatively smoothly. What transforms by will-power or any other motivating force, requires a lot of precision, holding space and leadership.

This six day intensive training is aiming to look at:

transformational processes from a systemic point of view.

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Online workshop: Movements of change

January 22, 2021

Looking at change from a systemic perspective

You will learn about the essence of and differences between four levels of change:

-development and upgraded versions

-change and transition



Webinar: Online Constellations with explanation

New dates coming up! 

10 February 2021

2,5 hours of online constellations with Jan Jacob

Using the setup tool “Live”

With explanation, after each constellation, of his systemic reasons for following the process as it went. Including systemic reflections on the subject of the presented issues.

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Online workshop: Systemic Interventions

9 februari 2021

What is needed in order to do a meaningful systemic intervention?

Theory of intervention briefly summarized. And exploration of your own intervener-ship.

‘It is not about whát you do, it’s about from which inner place you act.’

Maybe you leave this seminar with an upgraded version of yourself as intervener..

Free Webinar: Explanation ‘Live’ Constellation tool

8 February 2021  –  15.00 – 15.45 (CET)

‘Live’: an easy, user friendly tool for doing online constellations

In this short webinar, Dees from TeamConnect will explain how Live works and what you can do with it. 

The webinar is free, but you do need to register 

TeamConnect online teamsurvey tool; 2 days boost!

March 17 & April 13, 2021

Two days online training to boost your team using the TeamConnect surveytool

Do you work in or with a team and do you want an accurate systemic diagnosis as a springboard for development for your team(s)?
Then sign up for this two days online training of TeamConnect Boost!