The world is transforming

NL    EN ‘The world is transforming’, as my Russian/Dutch colleague Maya wrote today. And yes, even the weather is transforming. That’s what I notice when I fly with my paraglider over the longest...

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Societal Constellations, What the heck?!

NL    EN  Societal constellations, What the heck?!  Jan Jacob Stam    Preface, let’s start this article with a case......    March 10, 2021: ‘The concept of ownership is too precious to let go off’ ...

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Warrior energy and more…

NL    ENWarrior energy and more... ‘Can you explain a bit more about warrior energy?’, the young man from Seoul is asking. For him it’s in the middle of the night, while for the client in New York...

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Freedom and betrayal

NL    ENFreedom and betrayal "Suffering is easier than allowing to heal" Bert Hellinger Freedom, we talk about it so easily, as if it were the supreme good. But if that were the case, why don't...

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Friday august 6

NL    EN"It is our gratitude that makes us happy, not our plans" Bert Hellinger   Friday, August 6, 2020   What a special day! A kind of coming out of a movement that has been in the air for a long...

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Pains of succession

NL    EN Pains of succession   Succession is inevitable. And painful. The Bert Hellinger Institute Netherlands was founded in 2000. The first pain came after about eight years, when the institute...

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In Systemic coaching you learn how to apply your knowledge and skills from constellations in one-to-one situations.


This small book is designed to offer a short guided tour through the worlds of work and organisations, from a ‘systemic’ point of view.


This is a book about organisations. About organisations seen from a systemic perspective.


This book will tell you what a system demands of leadership. How organisations can flourish and flow from a systemic perspective.


Wave against the current by asking the right questions, using the Leadership Fan.


These books are available on the website of Publisher Het Noorderlicht.