Complaints procedure


The organization “janjacobstam” attaches great value to and would like to learn from the experiences of participants. Each participant is also invited to do so. Feedback is initially addressed to Jan Jacob Stam, as founder / owner and teacher/ trainer / coach. The evaluation form is available for this. This can also be done by email. janjacobstam always strives to find an appropriate answer / solution when the feedback concerns a complaint. However, if this is not to the satisfaction of the participant, the complaints procedure below is available.

Submit a complaint

If the participant is dissatisfied with Jan Jacob Stam’s response, he / she can write to the complaints committee (Middelberterweg 13b, 9723 ET Groningen). This committee operates independently of Janjacobstam. It consists of the members Oeds Bijlsma, Ruud Knaapen and Femke Adriaens.

Reception and treatment

The receipt of a complaint will be confirmed in writing to the student (complainant) by the complaints committee as soon as possible, but no later than within 10 working days *. Complaints are treated confidentially and can only be submitted in writing.

Hearing again

The complaints committee will submit the complaint in writing to the accused as soon as possible, but no later than 10 working days, and ask him for his written response.


The complaints committee gives the complainant and the accused the opportunity to be heard about what is stated in the complaint. Both the complainant and the accused can request the complaints committee to be heard together or separately. The committee decides on this.


The complaints committee strives to find a solution in which the values ​​and criteria of both parties are combined and with which both parties are satisfied. The committee’s decisions are binding on both the complainant and the accused.


“janjacobstam” will immediately and fully implement the decisions of the complaints committee. The complainant also adheres to the decisions of the committee.

External experts

The complaints committee can be assisted by experts.


The complaints committee and any external expert are bound by confidentiality.


A complaint will be handled by the complaints committee within 30 working days * after confirmation of receipt. A report will be made of this.


The student who has submitted the complaint can appeal against the decision to the complaints committee within 20 working days *. The student must present new, additional information.


All documents relating to a complaint are kept for two years. This also applies to the report of the handling method.

* The terms mentioned in the procedure can be extended in connection with holidays or illness of those involved or members of the complaints committee. Those involved will be informed of this as soon as possible.