The systemic perspective looks at the essence of living systems.

Like family systems, teams, organizations, society.

She looks at patterns, at potential, at frustration.

And especially she looks at what it takes for these systems to be and to function how they are intended to be.

Free of judgment, ruthless.  

Jan Jacob Stam

Awakening the Field ~ 2 day online congress ~ March 27 & 28, 2021


January 1 seems to be a day my creativity comes to an outburst.

Two times a book started to write itself on this day; once a translation of a book from Bert started; another year it was the start of a conference. This year, January 1, 2021, it’s the conception of Awakening the Field. Meeting and reconnecting around the globe in the outburst of creativity for the field of Organizational Constellations and Systemic work on Societal issues. May all your creativity be unleashed!

Feel welcome, be welcome, happy new year!

Jan Jacob

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