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I have closed janjacobstam, one of my businesses.

With just a very small hint of nostalgia.

Stopping while there is still potential, I have often done in my life.

And even now, there is still plenty of potential.

That is flowing further into Transitionstudio.

Jan Jacob Stam

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This book is here for you, for you and for the teams you are part of.

This book wants to be a viewpoint-enhancer. Sort of what happens when you are somewhere in a beautiful or difficult situation, and you pull the curtains open a little further. Suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you might see something special or a possibility you hadn’t seen before. Something you can do something with. For you, for your team.

Do not expect a (systemic) textbook, but much more an idea and insight book. A book about teams as quirky living beings. Who sometimes make a completely different movement than the team members want. In this book, ‘Team’ itself also talks about what you encounter in teams in terms of patterns and dynamics and what interventions you can do without being systemically trained.

You probably have to smile at yourself and your team from time to time. We are all human, after all.

In his seventh book, Jan Jacob invites you to find an answer to the question ‘what do teams need in order to do what they are meant to do?’

Jan Jacob puts people and teams in touch with their full potential. He has his heart for systemic work since 1996 and has since worked in over forty countries with many teams and (societal) organisations. He wants to understand and feel with his mind as well as his heart how they are put together. And especially what living systems need to do what they are meant to do.

Dear reader,
In order to make this book available quickly, we decided to offer it as e-pub and pdf. In the pdf version you also find some illustrations. 
We ask and trust that you only use these documents for yourself, no passing on or publishing parts of it. This is permitted only with prior written permission from the author. 
We highly appreciate it and trust when each copy is paid for, in balance in give and take and to cover our expenses.
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Jan Jacob Stam and Dees van de Hoef