Online workshop: Movements of change

Friday 22 January 2021

15.00 CET – 18.30 CET

Max 24 participants

Movements of change

There is a lot of misunderstanding about the levels of change. In this online workshop you will learn about the essence of and differences between:

-development and upgraded versions

-change and transition



In brief:

Development is the process where an existing person, team or organization is on its way to reaching its highest maturity.

Change is the process where you create new and different products, services, values, culture or ways of working with the existing patterns. There are goals to be reached.

Transition is similar as change, on a larger scale and with more interdependent stakeholders.

Re-set is the process where you keep the couple, family, team or organization together, but you break down the existing non-productive patterns and make space for new patterns.

Transformation is the process after which the identity of a person, team or organization is different, but you do not know what the new identity will be.

What will we do?

We will look at these four levels of change from a systemic perspective. We will give you an experience with each of these levels ánd some ideas, tools and interventions.

Price: €60,-



Doubts, questions?

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