Online workshop: Systemic interventions

Tuesday 9 February 2021

15.00 CET – 18.30 CET

Max 24 participants

What is a systemic intervention? It’s an act, after which something has changed inside the client or the client system. And as a result from this inner shift, the client has new and different options to act ánd to be in the world.

This is opposed to interventions which are forced from the outside and result in ‘following orders’.

In order to do a meaningful intervention, you need at least four things:

-a correct and meaningful systemic diagnose of the situation

-to create the conditions that an intervention can land at all in the client(-system)

-to define who or what, for you, is the client

-a good design of first-, second- or third order intervention

-an accepted and firm position in the system from where you can act

-the right mindset and courage to do what needs to be done.

To design interventions for teams and organizations is maybe not too difficult. But to do the interventions that need to be done, requires the right state of mind and the courage to act. In fact it is not about whát you do, it’s about from which inner place you act. And beyond that: you yourself can become the source of the intervention.

What will we do?

We will briefly summarize the theory about interventions, and then you go to explore for yourself the question: ‘who am I, as the person to do the right intervention’. And maybe you leave this seminar with an upgraded version of yourself as intervener.

Price: €60,-


Doubts, questions?

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