Caught in my first exploring act …… making a hole in the curtain to see what’s on the other side.

My pattern is to want to know more about issues that I don’t or can’t relate to.

And I still feel that little boy walking on the beach of the vast sea of ​​knowledge and wisdom finding shells that are too beautiful not to pick up ……

Who is Jan Jacob Stam?


In one sentence: Jan Jacob connects people, teams and organisations to their full potential.

Jan Jacob: “Systemic Work and Constellations have been my passion and fascination since 1996. Systemic Work and constellations are helping me to better understand the world I love so much.

As human beings, it seems to me, that the only option is to be willing to understand each other and our context, even if that is sometimes almost impossible.

I like the phenomenological approach because there is nothing between the observer and that, which you perceive”.

For those who would like to know which way it went, a short overview:

  • Born and raised as the youngest son (1954) in a family of doctors
  • Biology study
  • Secondary school teacher: teaching increasingly ‘difficult’ groups of students.
  • Study educational science
  • Becoming a father and raised two children with my wife Bibi (or they raised us)
  • Manager at Dutch Telecom
  • Change management, NLP courses and Spiral Dynamics
  • Partner in a consultancy firm
  • Midlife crisis
  • Intense contact with Bert Hellinger
  • Trainings on family and organisational constellations with Bert Hellinger, Gunthard Weber, Klaus Grochowiak, Albrecht Mahr, Jakob Schneider, Marianne Francke and many others.
  • Founder Bert Hellinger Institute, Netherlands
  • Founder publisher Het Noorderlicht
  • Systemic work and Constellations in more than thirty countries
  • Co-founder TeamConnect
  • Founder