Webinar: Trauma in teams and organizations

By: Jan Jacob Stam

Language: English

February 12, 2021



Max 30 participants

12.00 CET – 17.30 CET

I stumble every one out of five times into a trauma-field. My experience is there is no work-around when you touch on organizational trauma. We have to face it. Understanding organizational trauma helps to know what to do as facilitator, team leader, consultant or coach.

Despite there is still very little literature on trauma in organizations, I explored this topic over the last decade, resulting in a considerable reservoir of experience, knowledge and tools.

In this webinar we will start with theory, work on some cases of participants, learn from the reflections and offer some practical tools.

For whom

Everybody who is interested to learn (more) about trauma in teams and organizations.

Doubts / questions

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@janjacobstam.nl or 0031 50 – 2083018