Warrior energy and more…

‘Can you explain a bit more about warrior energy?’, the young man from Seoul is asking. For him it’s in the middle of the night, while for the client in New York it’s early morning. And for us: we see the first snowflakes of the year falling in the approaching afternoon dusk. How amazing it is to meet people from around the globe and how much we can learn from our differences….

Somewhat earlier this online seminar we met ‘killing energy’, and also ‘perpetrator energy’. What’s the difference?

Perpetrator energy, killing energy and warrior energy are all expressions of life energy.

What we learn in this seminar is that killing energy is empty. Also the one with killing energy feels empty inside. And you see this emptiness also in the eyes. Killing energy is an expression of life energy, but it doesn’t move something in the world. It’s like without an aim. At random. And for that reason it’s experienced as destructive. Breaking something down because the energy can’t be canalized into something meaningful.

Warrior energy has an aim. It can do something in the world. Warrior energy is also a form of life energy, in the sense of: ‘I let myself be led by what life wants to do with and through me’. It leads you to do things ‘that need to be done’, beyond your will and ego. Imagine a young surgeon for the first time cutting open human skin in order to do what must be done. Warrior energy goes with meta-feelings. A calmness and decisiveness beyond the mind. In fact it’s an expression of deep love as well. It’s the Greek god Kairos who is mentoring the acts of the warrior. The god of ‘the right moment’. The price though of warrior energy can be loneliness. You innerly are at places  where not so many other people are. And it might be that you, in the first place, will be more criticized for your acts then receiving the credits.

Perpetrator energy is part of a polarity. Perpetrator energy and victim energy are symbiotic twins. They are both expressions of the same pattern called a polarity. They are very rapidly interchangeable: victim energy effortlessly turns into perpetrator energy and vice versa. We see a lot of this pattern in the world at the moment. Polarization is the result of not-acknowledged polarities. Meaning that groups are connecting to one extreme while the other side of the same coin is suppressed. But still present. It’s a tough pattern. One way to outgrow this pattern is to admit ánd embrace ánd become both extremes. The more we can integrate the pattern as a whole, the less it will be bothering us. Many peacemakers are as much in this pattern as riot seekers.

We end this seminar with the notion that we so easily are having conscious or unconscious images of other people in terms of killing-, warrior- or perpetrator energy. Or even more rigid: ‘They áre killers, warriors or perpetrators’. How helpful would it be to be a little bit more aware of the effects of our judgements and a little bit more precise about our definitions and understanding how life energy is expressing itself.

Thanks to all participants in this webinar on ‘Three Kings Day’


Jan Jacob Stam

Ps: I hope we meet with many people from around the globe to explore ánd share what we are learning and discovered on understanding our contributions in work, teams, organizations and societal issues. Meet you at ‘Awakening the Field’, March 27 and 28, 2021!